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The Michigan Paranormal Association (MPA) is an organization of non-profit experienced paranormal research teams dedicated to discovering the truth behind claims of paranormal activity and exploring any unexplained paranormal phenomena. The MPA understands the need for discrete and confidential services, therefore, we fully respect each and every client's right to privacy.

The MPA was formed with an idea to bring MI groups together in a way to help one another by organizing to better assist the public as well as forming a Michigan think-tank with some of Michigan’s most active and experienced investigators in the paranormal field, allowing groups through-out the state to collectively share and analyze evidence and theories and advance the area of paranormal studies. In addition to our primary focus on clients, members of the MPA routinely conduct field investigations of historical locations and hot spots around the state of Michigan and beyond.

The Michigan Paranormal Associations mission is two fold, first to assist the public with the ability to easily locate and contact local groups for any inquiries, assistance, investigations, research and education. Our member teams not only conduct paranormal investigations, we also offer support and education for people who are experiencing paranormal phenomena. We work diligently to inform and educate the general public about what we do and why it matters.

Our secondary mission is joining groups together in unity to work on forming a paranormal think-tank to share ideas, theories, education, and investigations. Working together our groups are able to share manpower, equipment and expertise on various fields and locations when needed. This also allows our member teams to give each client the benefits of all member teams’ support and allows each team a place where they can come for advice and to advise others. The joining of the teams also gives smaller teams the benefit of joining together to schedule historical investigations that require a large minimum number of booking attendees.
The Michigan Paranormal Association does not dictate or administer the individual methods, protocols or policies of individual teams, therefore each team may investigate differently though they all have the resources of knowledge, education, manpower and experience of all teams to assist them. We do, however, require that all teams conduct themselves in a professional manner and not charge the public for services.

By working together we are now the largest paranormal association in Michigan.

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